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7u Solanis Hotswap TKL Replacement PCBs

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$45.00 USD
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$65.00 USD
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$45.00 USD
Flex Cuts

FJLabs Solanis Aftermarket Replacement PCBs


These PCBs are compatible with the H87c/H88c footprint, and should work in a majority of boards that will fit those pcbs!

PCBs will come pre-flashed with VIA compatible firmware, all tech specs available here:

See this video for a sound test comparison between the Flex Cut and No Flex Cut versions:

This PCB is not guaranteed to work with plateless kits due to space concerns, no guarantees will be made for anything regarding plateless mounting. 

If you have any questions you can find our Discord, HERE.

Special thanks to the Apollo Project for their work on the Gummy O-Ring Outline and USB Breakout Cutouts. Click here for more information on the Apollo Project.