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Froggy Mats

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it’s a frog! on a mat! froggy mat!! they bring good vibes and sleep a lot. u can choose where they sleep! in a mushroomy meadow or a cooling pond, they won’t mind. both are good places for them to catch some zzz’s. we hope you smile a bit when you see them vibing on your desk.

— frogki

FJLaboratories was involved in the design finalization and review procedures. Additionally, FJLaboratories exclusively handled the production and manufacturing of the these mats.

Renders available here

Dimensions 900mm x 400mm
Thickness 4mm
Warp/Weft Scale 0.1mm


If you have any questions you can find our Discord, HERE.

Photos captured by Flybeck

Estimated Shipping Date: Mid-September, more accurate predictions will be given during production. Please follow the Discord linked above for the latest up-to-date information.

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